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Alert everyone! If you get an e-mail with this link ( ) in it or if you see it on any website, DON'T CLICK IT!  If you do your in for a shock! This website contains a VIRUS called HEUR, A trojan downloader! Look out, Look out, Look out!


Don't click the link unless you want your data in the garbage!

Poll! Poll! Poll!

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Quick people we've just got a poll on our website and its in the Entertainments & Others section. So select your choice quick and vote for the best. Its your voting that helps!

Vote now!

YouTube video lengthed to 15 mins.

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Long-video makers can rejoice, as YouTube has extended the allotted time of user uploads from 10 to 15 minutes.


Websites with JavaScript at risk!

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A new report concludes that the majority of websites are running third-party JavaScript somewhere on their sites, which could be putting them at risk.


Another security update for Firefox

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The Firefox 3.6.7 update last week fixed at least 14 security vulnerabilities in Mozilla's open source Web browser. As it turns out, the organization missed at least one issue, which has now trigged yet another Firefox update. Mozilla updated its Web browser late Friday with Firefox 3.6.8, fixing at least one critical security flaw that was found in the 3.6.7 update.


Hackers Break Into University of Maine Servers

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In the latest incident of an educational institution falling victim to a security breach, officials at the University of Maine this week are notifying thousands of students after hackers managed to infiltrate a pair of university servers.

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Site Updates

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We recently had a run in with a few major CSS bugs and it took a while to clear up the damage. is still facing a few of these problems and the site might suddenly go down. We are extremely sorry for anyone who was online ItsOnTheWeb when this site unexpectedly experienced these problems. There still might be a few uneliminated bugs but we'll try to keep this site in great working order.

Thank you!

Top Ten Security Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

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Windows 7 Enterprise delivers enough security improvements to justify the cost and hassle of migration. Click here to view the Top Ten.

Mozilla Lays Out Firefox 4 Roadmap

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What do Web users want from their browser? That's the question the Mozilla will try to answer with the next generation of its open source Web browser, Firefox 4. For more details go here!

Twitter Bug Let Users Kidnap 'Followers'

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Gadget site uncovers simple way to force other users to follow you, even big movie and TV stars, but Twitter staffers rush out a fix to the weakness in the system.

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